Bad Board Game Covers

Bad Board Game Covers is an Instagram account ran by a passionate board gamer who posts fairly frequently about this wonderful hobby! However, like a typical cover band, he presents content of questionable quality... so it is up to you to determine the value of his work! His weekly puzzles require you to decipher distorted photos of popular board games. Only the most discerning eyes will see the true masterpiece behind the disfigured pictures; good luck! He is thrilled to be a part of the Gateway, even if his content is secondhand and confusing. Join him in his journey to cover (badly) the beauty of the board game hobby! When not ruining the artistry of highly regarded tabletop titles, he also hosts tournaments, spotlights his favorite followers (mishaping their image in the process), and puts his own sloppy interpretation on challenges that have spread across the Instagram community! Follow on Instagram →