Better Half Reviews

Bryce and Alison are a married couple who love to play board games! Better Half Reviews is a place for them to share their board gaming enthusiasm and knowledge with the world. On their channel and social media pages you'll find game reviews, top lists, challenges, live plays, Kickstarter previews, interviews with designers, posts about the games they are playing, and collaborations with other content creators. Their goal is to spread the love of gaming and to grow the fantastic board gaming community. Bryce and Alison are pretty silly, often cracking jokes and laughing with each other (on and off camera). Gaming is actually what brought them together! They met over a game of Pandemic at a small game night. From there, the rest is history! When they are not gaming they like to watch shows, go for walks, and play with their son. Bryce works full time as a tax lawyer and keeps pretty busy with his day job. He loves to learn and try new things. Currently he is learning about HAM radio and boating. He is a fantastic dad and he loves to cook. Some of Bryce's favorite games are Race for the Galaxy, Empires of the Void II, and Bunny Kingdom. Alison is a stay at home mom to their young son. She is the voice behind the social media channels and the editor of their YouTube videos. She also loves to read, draw/paint, and is even designing her own board game! Some of Alison's favorite games are Everdell, Near and Far, and the West kingdom trilogy. Watch on YouTube →