Fantasy and Some Flights

Fantasy and Some Flights was formed between two nerdy friends who both love fantasy, board games, and a long conversation over cold drinks. We have spent many nights boring our significant others by diving down rabbit holes, discussing the current novel we were reading or breaking down the math of a board game we love. One of these nights, we were deep into discussing whatever book we were reading at the time and we had the idea to start a podcast where we could talk about all these things we loved! Thus, Fantasy and Some Flights was born. Nelson and Dalton host a discussion-based podcast where they analyze exciting and fun topics. The podcast is built on 4 pillars of Beer, Board games, Books, and Bourbon. In each episode they pick a topic from these pillars and discuss them over drinks. With their analytical minds creating intriguing, in- depth conversation they stand out as a podcast pushing boundaries in the fields. Even more than that, what brings you back every episode is their endearing friendship and easy humor, making their podcast truly an enjoyable gem! Oh yea! They also post pictures of board games on their instagram. Listen to our podcast →