Meeple People Comedy

Meeple People is a comedy web series about a group of eclectic geeks in their 30s who come together for a weekly game night in a suburb of Ohio. While they have little in common professionally or personally, these social misfits find a true kinship through their love of strategy board games. It’s about shamelessly indulging in the joys of childhood, while learning how to embrace your inner grownup. And it’s about friendship, because when you find your people, you find yourself.

In the first season, we meet Aaron and his game night regulars, a close-knit clan of hardcore board gamers. We also meet Brad, Aaron’s gregarious neighbor who “runs into” Aaron in the hopes of getting asked back to game night. Unbeknownst to Brad, the gamers are extremely selective about inducting new members, and were less than thrilled with his disastrous debut: when he wasn’t annoying everyone with his constant Yoda impressions, he was stubbornly questioning the rules. And so they vowed never to have him back...

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