Hello! I'm Stephen and some of my favorite things in life are my wife, our two amazing sons, laughing, cookies, books, and boardgames. My favorite game is Smash Up and in the summer of 2020 I decided to start an Instagram account to share my thoughts about it. I noticed that Smash Up has a relatively steep learning curve, so I decided to create a guide or manual of sorts that players could come to and learn more about the factions they want to play with. On my account you'll find faction mechanics, plays to try out, combo suggestions, and much more! In Smash Up, you pair two factions and shuffle them together to make your deck. Gameplay is often about finding the synergies between your two chosen factions. I use this same philosophy to run my account -- I try to look for the good in others and share it. I love connecting with people so be sure to say "Hi"! And if you ever have questions about Smash Up, please don't hesitate to ask. Follow on Instagram →