Super Board Sunday

Super Board Sunday was born out of a need for four friends - Brian, Christian, Frankie & Jim - to stay in touch following one of their own moving cross-country. This fantastic foursome bonded over their shared passion for all aspects of board gaming, specifically the conversations over and shared experiences on the table. They also enjoy the shady dealings under the said table every now and again. They have combined their years of gaming and unique interests to create an irreverent podcast that typically finds Brian trying to corral the quartet’s ranting and raving and keep the show on track all the while Frankie and Christian bicker over who is in the right (94% of the time, it is Frankie) over with Jim doing his best to keep the peace with anecdotes about his escapades on The Price is Right or his most recent gaming transaction. In addition to their podcast, they have an Instagram account that captures their gaming escapades and DIY projects (Spoiler: Brian loves Michael’s) along with a Youtube channel showcasing a variety of gaming-related content including playthroughs, overviews, unboxings, and other digital delights. So grab a game, some snacks, and join us for Super Board Sunday, where every day is game day. Watch on YouTube →